Erik and Matt’s Star Wars Discussion

Erik: what’d you think of star wars

Matt: Ah finally I d been waiting to talk I you about it. As fat as cinematography and acting goes it was very good
But the plot was lazy as fuck
Same exact plot as a new hope

Erik: ya, i was fine with it up until the death star part

Matt: And there were a ton of things that did no follow true Star Wars lore

Erik: the expanded universe doesn’t exist anymore

Matt: I’m aware, but Finn and Rey should never have been able to use a light saber like that

Erik: rey could
she’s like the lebrun of the force

Matt: Fuck no, even anakin needed training and he was the strongest Jedi ever
Same with like

Erik: luke was a farm boy until he was like 25

Matt: And it’s impossible to hyperspace jump that close to a planet

Erik: rey has been fighting and defending herself her whole life

Matt: That was fucking dumb as shit
It still requires a lot I training to use a light saber

Erik: she even uses a saber-like weapon

Matt: The blade is weightless.
It’s more dangerous to the user than the person they are trying to fight gainst if the user is untrained
Plus Finn may or May not be a Jedi but he used that shit a bunch
Kylo ren was the lamest Star Wars villain yet
By far
He was good until he took off his mask

Erik: i loved that

Matt: IMO they also made way to many new aliens and didn’t have hardly any established ones.

Erik: he doesn’t take off his mask he’s just a complete vader rip off

Matt: He does take off his mask and he’s a whiny pussy boy

Erik: so was anakin

Matt: Well heyden Christian is a terrible actor
So that dosent count

Erik: i loved pretty much all the new characters
rey is a beast
finn is hella cool
poe is funny
i even really liked Kylo Ren

Matt: For me, there were wayyy to many plot holes and non Star Wars Disney BS

Erik: lol like

Matt: I like all the new characters except kylo ren
He was shitty
Why is the republic uninvolved with the resistance
Erik: dude, it could have ben attack of the clones alright

Matt: Where is the republic even

Matt: That movie was good, again heyden Christian is jut such a bad actor he made it shit
I enjoy attack on the clones more than this. Mostly cause I have a boner for Jedi and it has the biggest Jedi battle in all the movies
I don’t see how you can over look the fact that ep VII is essentially the exact same plot as a new hope with different characters

Erik: lol

Matt: It’s soooo lazy

Erik: its 100% better than any of the prequels

Matt: I disagree
The acting is for sure
But the plot and Star Wars lore adherence is mediocre at best
Erik: dude what the fuck are you talking about?

Matt: The whole super weapon fight was dumb as shit
Erik: “star wars lore adherence”
the movies are star wars lore
this is star wars lore
it’s creating it

Matt: Fuck no dude, you can’t use a light saber like that without training and you can’t hyperspace that close to a planet
Erik: they don’t talk about the fact that a lightsaber is weightless in any of the movies

Matt: It’s Star Wars fact
Erik: therefore it’s not even canon

Matt: And Disney was like well we don’t care so fuck it
Erik: no one cares
i dont care

Matt: I do
Erik: Why do you believe shit you read more than the actual movies
the expanded universe is dead you idiot

Matt: It’s like if they made captain America fly, just cause you know, they own the rights to marvel
Erik: this is all expanded universe shit you’re talking about

Matt: Not at all dude
The clone wars and rebels are cannon
That is fact
I’m not talkin about the books which is EU
I’m talking about established cannon that even Disney has made
Ie Star Wars rebels
Erik: the clone wars and rebel child cartoons are more canon than the actual movie?

Matt: They adhere to the facts of Star Wars more than this movie did
Erik: so because used a lightsaber for like 30 seconds you didn’t like this move

Matt: No
I’ve stated my reasons
I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it
Erik: i agree the death star part was the biggest disappointment
they needed to think of another way to end it

Matt: But it’s full of BS and holes and it has the exact same plot as a new hope
Like what the fuck is the first order
Where is the republic
How the fuck can they just suck the sun
Erik: lol

Matt: It was sooo lazy dude how can you ignore that
And I totally agree
Erik: dude, your forgetting that what made the original star wars special was a young man on an incredible adventure with awesome characters
the stuff on the periphery just isn’t important

Matt: Finn Rey and Poe are fcking awesome
It is to me and other stat wars nerds like me lol
Erik: well you guys are missing the point
thats what made the prequels fucking suck
it focused on all the big picture stuff
there was no fun or adventure

Matt: I disagree what made them suck was the terrible acting
Erik: lol true

Matt: It honestly felt like a different galaxy
They also should have visited an established planet
Erik:ya that’s not a bad idea

Matt:Since Jakuu is like Disney tatooine
They even had like fucking jawa look alikes
Erik: lol dude did you want them to ACTUALLY start on tatooine again?

Matt: No
But how about start on NOT a desert planet
Erik: ya i see what you’re sayin
I don’t disagree i would have varied more stuff up
but like, they’re set up so well for all the future movies

Matt:My final judgement will come once I see ep 8
Erik: ya they can’t do this again

Matt: If they can fill in the holes they made and make shot cohere, then I will accept the lazy plot of ep 7
Erik: it can’t just be like a remake of empire strikes back
they didn’t make any holes dude

Matt: Then tell me where is the republic
Erik: they just haven’t explained stuff yet

Matt: They mention them
But they made the resistance so they can have a rebel alliance
So lazy
Hold on my phones gunna die ima get on my computer
Erik: but they varied enough stuff up
like killing han solo
and introducing more secondary characters

Matt: ok im back
they killed han solo cause harrison ford was like im not doing another fucking star wars no matter how much you pay me
honestly it really bugged me how mny new aliens there were too
like when they went to see maz
every single alien was new in there
which is fucking stupid
same on Jakku
it made it feel like ti was in a different galaxy or like 100s of years later
when its only 30
Erik: lol who the fuck cares

Matt: I fucking care lol
Erik: all that counts is whats happened in the movies, there haven’t been that many different aliens in the movies

Matt: i dunno, like i saide i really did like the new characters apart from Ren
Erik: honestly if it like included clone wars or rebels stuff it would have sucked

Matt: but everything else was half assed as fuck imo
Raptars…. really
gayest star wars monster ever
Erik: lol

Matt: none of the other movies follow anothers plot line very much
but this is literally a new hope with a female jedi and a black guy
Erik: no its not literally that

Matt: its absurdly close
Erik: they made it just enough different

Matt: crash landing on a desert palnet
Erik: i agree the should have changed more stuff

Matt: droid with secret what ever
must destroy a planet killing super weapon
and tiny force beats the odds
a main character dies
its the exacpt same sotry
Erik: lol you said none of the other plot lines repeat themselves, they were literally building another “death star” in episode 6

Matt: but the plot is different, jabba is in there, luke is a full fledged jedi
Erik: thats why i wish they changed that part

Matt: he has to fight the emporer
vader becomes good again
Erik: ya, but at the core there isn’t a father-son struggle like the original trilogy
it might be a cousin struggle lol

Matt:…. kylo ren kills his dad
and ya rey and ren are for sure brother and sister imp
Erik: could be, but I’m saying this story is about rey vs kylo

Matt: maybe
thats not very different from vader vs luke with the emperor pulling the strings
snoke = emperor
ren = vader, rey = luke
there is some difference
Erik: ya we will see where it goes from here

Matt: but not a whole lot
again thats why my final jedgement will come after ep 8
I was entertained
but i was far from amazed
Erik: i thought they made a lot of really smart choices just like “movie” wise, completely independent of it being a star wars film
like not introducing the resistance until like an hour in
that was a smart move

Matt: i will agree that from a film critic standpoint it was much better then the prequels, mostly cause the acting was quite good
but again, lazy plot and wayyy to liberal use of lightsabers bugs the shit outa me
luke dosent use his saber to fight ever in a new hope
Erik: the sun sucking was smart because it made it darker and darker as han and kylo were talking

Matt: only time he uses it is when hes training with obiwan on the falcon
and he uses it only once to blow up an AT-AT before training with yoda
the sun sucking was fucking retarded
Erik: well this was a change from a new hope

Matt: it literally just like suck the sun, like a giant vacuum
Erik: why is that not cool?
thats cooler than just a really big laser

Matt: ya but as far as realness goes it so dumb
like, if it has enough power to suck a suns energy, it should suck the whole atmosphere of the plaent as well
Erik: lol they invented something to prevent that

Matt: its just dumb
ur making excuses for the dumbest super weapon ever
and again, its literally impossible to hyperspace that close to a planet, so that whole getting through the shields thing was total bullshit
Erik: lol i didn’t like it because its been done twice already but i like the idea of a “starkiller base” which can absorb a sun and then unleash it more than a giant round space spaceship with a really big laser
they figured out a way to do it
its 30 years in the future from any other star wars piece

Matt: you cant hyperspace in a gravity well the size of a plent
i dont care if its thousands of years in the future
thta shighly established
theres something the empire had called an interdictor crusier, that can pull ships out of hyperspace with an artifical gravity well
if you can hyperspce that close to a planet, then the inderdictor crusier never existed
Erik: i’ve played empires i know what an interdictor cruiser is

Matt: which it did
thats not EU
its also in rebels, which disney themsleves have made
which is also a great show, you shouldnt knock it cause its a cartoon
Erik: it was being pulled out of hyperspace by the gravity well, they just jumped out at the exact right time
they’ve learned how to account for the curve of the planets pull

Matt: they were in the atmosphere when they came out
that whole pan was utter and complete bullshit
pun intended
Erik: its han bro don’t tell him the odds

Matt: LOL
you know its bullshit too
thats not how hyperspace works
diseny was just like, why dont care, were too lazy to come up with a plausible plan
han solo can do anything
fuck it
Erik: han yolo

Matt: he did indeed yolo
Erik: lol i just wanted them to make a different ending, i didn’t care about the logistics of hyperspace

Matt: oh and rey using a jedi mind trick as her very first force power
was also utter and complete bullshit
Erik: as long as they didn’t like, suddenly start having space battles in hyperspace or something

Matt: only a jedi master can do that
Erik: dude i told you she’s the lebron of the force

Matt: dude
shes not lol
Erik: she should be in the nba at 16

Matt: literally no one is stronger than anakin was
Erik: anakin never achieved his true potential
he could have been way stronger

Matt: he should have been like Revan, and used both lught and dark
Erik: and not gotten horribly disfigured by lava

Matt: btw games st before the mvoies are still lore homie
Erik: ya maybe
i gotta do some dishes hold up

Matt: they should have called it “A New, New Hope” lol
Erik: lol
but ya they can’t like, have a big battle on an ice planet in the next movie
or have rey train in a swamp

Matt: lol
i can see it now
luke riding rays back as she swings through the samps of Dagobaka
Erik: lol
at least Jakuu sounds cool

Matt: mmmmm….
kinda, i guess
i thought Jakku was crap
Erik: and there were a lot of hidden references too

Matt: did you not see the jawa look alikes
Erik: ya i think so
i need to see it again

Matt: me too
i feel like i will like it more the second time around
Erik: ya maybe

Matt: and again, alot of it was relally really good
but the whole plot thing and way too liberal use of lightsabers irritated the fuck outa me
Erik: lol word

Matt: and carrie fisher sounds like shes smoke 2 pakcs a day since the death star blew up
my favorite part was rey and finns relationship though
that was well done
Erik: ya and that kind of relationship wasn’t in a new hope
thats what made it different enough for me
i felt like that was kind of the main plot

Matt: it was and it wasent
they also found Rey wayyyyyto easy on a ginat plent wide facility
good thing they kepe the prison cells right next to where the falcon crashed
Erik: lol true i guess



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